Coronavirus task force officials reportedly offended in White House, claiming Covid-19 is over


Officials working under the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Task Force have reportedly said they were offended by the White House saying it had successfully ended the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy released a report that it viewed “ending the Covid-19 pandemic” as one of Donald Trump’s main achievements since becoming president in 2016.

“Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Administration has taken decisive action to encourage scientists and health professionals in universities, industry and government to understand, treat and beat the disease”, we read in the report.

On Wednesday, a White House coronavirus task force official said The daily beast that the ad was “breathtaking”.

They added: “There is no world anyone can think of [statement] is right. Maybe the president. But I don’t see how even he can believe that. We have over 70,000 new cases every day. “

Four of the officials said The daily beast that they viewed the White House statement as a personal rebuke and an obstacle to their efforts to bring the pandemic under control.

Health officials and scientists have said the Trump administration often does not listen to their suggestions and instead chooses to direct all efforts towards reopening the country.

The United States reported its largest one-day increase in coronavirus cases last Friday, with 83,000 new infections, while its weekly moving average of new cases per 24 hours is 70,000.

The number of deaths from the virus is also increasing, as more than 1,200 deaths were reported last Thursday from Covid-19, which was the highest daily total since early September.

Mr. Trump has often been accused of downplaying the virus. Earlier this week, he described the media coverage of official US figures as a “false media conspiracy” and repeatedly claimed the country was “skirting the curve” of the crisis.

An official said the task force was “exasperated” to try to get the administration to share the message that Americans still need to practice social distancing and other measures against coronaviruses.

They said the report is just the latest example of the administration showing it doesn’t think it can do anything else to contain the pandemic.

A senior administration added: “The White House operates at a completely different speed than the rest of the health agencies.

“They have practically given up on the idea that there is more to do to deal with these new cases that arise. The rest of us still see the threat of these cases as the number one concern. “

According to a follow-up project hosted by Johns Hopkins University, there are now more than 8.8 million people who have tested positive for the coronavirus in the United States. The death toll has reached at least 227,409.


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