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in the WE, the White House quietly declared in Tennessee earlier this week that a “statewide mask mandate must be implemented” to curb its growing spread of Covid-19, instructions that have not only revealed in a registration application, reports AP.The Oct. 11 state report for Tennessee, where Republican Gov. Bill Lee left counties to decide whether or not to require masks in public, was first revealed in a WUOT registration application -FM. The Associated Press then obtained the report from the Knox County Department of Health.

“A statewide mask mandate must be implemented to stop the growing spread among residents of rural and urban Tennessee,” the file said in a list of recommendations.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he is not in favor of masked mandates, but recommendations from the task force and public health agencies, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have often been at odds. with White House rhetoric.

The report takes the loudest tone yet in urging Tennessee to act, although Lee has made it clear for months that he doesn’t think masks should be required statewide. Lee, who urged people to wear masks, continued to advise against a statewide warrant on Friday at an online press conference, in which he did not mention the House’s instructions Blanche a few days earlier.

“State-wide universal mandates are not as effective in many cases as local decision-making,” Lee said.

In a statement Friday night, the governor’s office said the White House report had not changed its thinking.

“The governor strongly encouraged Tennessians to make responsible decisions to protect themselves and others from Covid-19, including wearing masks in public, avoiding large gatherings and staying home when they are sick” , indicates the press release. “The governor’s point of view has not changed based on the non-binding recommendations of the federal government. Previous White House reports from the summer have included similar recommendations, so inclusion here is nothing new. ”

Tennessee has seen the number of coronavirus cases increase in cities and, in particular, in rural areas.

The seven-day moving average of daily new cases in Tennessee fell from 1,412 new cases per day on Oct. 1 to 1,911 new cases per day on Thursday. Likewise, the seven-day rolling average positivity rate fell from 5.7% on October 1 to 7.48% on Thursday.


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