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Rishi Sunak rejects comparisons with Donald TrumpPrime Minister Boris Johnson last week urged the public to ‘live fearlessly’, which Sky News ‘Niall Paterson suggested is’ almost Trumpian ‘, after the US president told Americans’ fear not Of the virus.

But Mr Sunak said this morning: “The Prime Minister told people to live without fear but with common sense.

“We have to maintain confidence and optimism. “

When asked about government television and social media campaigns with her face on, Mr. Sunak dismissed the idea that they were “narcissistic.”

He said: ” I am very new to politics in this sense. Most people didn’t know who I was until I took this job.

“My job is to make sure everyone in this country understands what I’m doing on their behalf.

“It’s easier for them to do it if they know who I am.

“I’m going to try a lot of different ways to communicate with people. I want people to know what we are doing.

“If people feel they know who is doing it, it will lead to a much more informed debate. ”

He also said he will not be running for the Tory leadership and will not try to move from number 11 Downing Street to number 10.

He added: ” The work I have is hard enough.

“I see up close what the Prime Minister has to face every day – it is not an envious task – these are difficult times.

“I try to concentrate on my work. Hundreds of thousands of people will lose their jobs and many more will lose them and this is happening under my watch. ”


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