Coronavirus level updates: Live as leaders in Sheffield, Leeds and Kirklees continue lockdown talks with government


MP urges No 10 to resume talks with Greater Manchester to end ‘very serious’ situation

Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green urged Downing Street to resume talks with Greater Manchester leaders today to end a “very serious” situation.

The Labor MP for Stretford and Urmston told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: ‘I am really, really alarmed, I think every day we delay taking action is a day wasted, but we need to have the financial backing , the package of measures, to allow people to shut down their businesses, to isolate themselves at home if necessary if further restrictions have to work.

“It was not proposed by the government. There hasn’t even been any talks in the past 24 hours between the government and Greater Manchester rulers.

“What we need to bring everyone together around the table is truly a desperate emergency. The situation here is very, very serious.

“Our infection rate is increasing dramatically and our hospitals could be overwhelmed very quickly if action is not taken.

“So I totally agree with the Prime Minister that we need to find an urgent solution to this problem, we are putting lives at risk, but it must be done by stopping the blame game and putting all the world around the table.

“We need to have our local leaders around the table with the Prime Minister or his representatives to make a deal today.

“There were no discussions at all yesterday, No 10 did not pick up the phone from the local leaders.”


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