Coronavirus: Durex Reports Double Digit Revenue Growth in RB Sales Boom | Economic news


The maker of the biggest cleaning brands, including Dettol and Cillit Bang, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), has reported a resumption in condom sales thanks to relaxed restrictions against coronaviruses.

The company FTSE 100, which was among the few winners of the COVID-19[feminine[feminine crisis to date thanks to its home hygiene and health products, reported a 9.5% rise in net sales to £ 3.5 billion in its third quarter.

RB said this was primarily driven by continued high demand for disinfectants – with sales of Dettol brand sprays, wipes and liquids up by over 50% compared to the same period July-September last year.

The company has ramped up production of disinfectants in light of the coronavirus crisis. Photo: RB

Like-for-like sales increased nearly 20% in the company’s hygiene business and 12.6% in its health division, which includes Durex condoms and Mucinex cold medicine.

RB had pointed out a sharp drop in demand for condoms during the spring viral lockdowns across Europe.

But he said on Tuesday: “After a more difficult first half, easing social distancing regulations have resulted in improved demand for our sexual wellness products, including Durex, which saw double-digit growth of his income.

“This has been particularly pronounced in markets where the rate of pandemic infection has improved significantly. ”

Tightening restrictions could threaten this recovery.

Nonetheless, RB raised its net income outlook for the full year to a small double-digit increase.

Shares, up nearly a fifth since the start of the year, rose 2.6% at the opening.

RB told investors that its investment plans, including increasing the production of surface disinfectants, are on track.

Managing Director Laxman Narasimhan said, “Our plan to rejuvenate sustainable growth at RB is gaining momentum, and thanks to the exceptional efforts of the RB team, we are starting to see the positive impact of the transformation on the business. .

“The strong momentum of the first half continued into the third quarter and we are on track to achieve double-digit like-for-like net sales growth for the full year. ”

Susannah Streeter, Senior Investment and Markets Analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said of the performance: “Our quest for cleanliness during the pandemic has been extremely beneficial for the group, and the signs are that the crisis is leading to a shift in Longer-term behavior with consumers demanding assurance that workplaces, shops and public transport are free of germs.

“The company sold into 19 new markets in 2020 alone and has now improved revenue growth to the low double digit for the year, compared to previous forecast of high single digits. “


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