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With the increased COVID-19 restrictions announced for Liverpool, people may have been surprised to see part of the city transformed into Gotham for the filming of the new Batman movie.

Hollywood star Robert pattinson, who plays the dark knight, and an unrecognizable Colin Farrell (wearing heavy prosthetics to become comic book villain the penguin) were pictured as a character on set.

Production on The batman started in Glasgow earlier in 2020, but was discontinued due to coronavirus pandemic. In September, it was widely reported that Pattinson had tested positive for the virus, although this was not confirmed by the Warner Bros. filmmakers.

Pattinson and the rest of the cast and crew will adhere to strict security measures

Now filming has resumed in Liverpool – the same week, it was announced that the city would be the first to come under strict Tier 3 restrictions, the most severe, due to a high number of COVID-19[feminine[feminine case.

Photographs of the production – with Gotham’s police cars and pickup trucks, and Batman seen riding horses through the streets – have raised questions about how filming can play out when residents are prohibited from socializing with others. indoor and outdoor households, including private. gardens, bars, gymnasiums, betting shops, casinos and pubs which do not serve meals are closed.

A spokesperson for Liverpool City Council assured residents that security measures were being followed.

“The new restrictions in Liverpool will have no impact on filming in the city,” the spokesperson told Sky News. “The film office works closely with each production to ensure that COVID security measures are in place and are being followed.

While Warner Bros. has not confirmed the exact security measures in place for The Batman, this isn’t the only production to continue filming during the pandemic.

Spot the Penguin: Colin Farrell is unrecognizable as a comic book villain

In an interview in September, Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne confirmed that filming resumed on the last film in the Harry Potter spinoff series Fantastic Beasts.

And reality shows including Strictly Come Dancing and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! are preparing for a new series, with I am a celebrity! moved from Australian jungle to castle in Wales due to the pandemic.

Robert Pattinson pictured during filming of The Batman movie set outside St. George ... s Hall, Liverpool, England this week.  The Batman is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name.  Produced by DC Films and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is a reboot of the Batman film franchise directed by Matt Reeves
Filming takes place in Liverpool, despite strict coronavirus restrictions in the city

For current movies and shows, some of the cast and crew lived in bubbles before filming when needed, and regular testing takes place.

It turned out to be vital, with Britain’s Got Talent and Little Mix: The Search announcing this week that the crew members had been tested, delay filming.

Other safety measures on television and movie sets include social distancing measures and masks for crew members and actors when they are not on screen.

A prop is brought to the set during the filming of The Batman which takes place in Liverpool

In September, Sky News joined Liz Hurley and other stars on the set of Father Christmas Is Back in York, where the cast and crew had lived in a bubble for five weeks.

Director Philippe Martinez brought in a risk assessment company, employing an agent known as ‘COVID Dan’ to make sure everyone was following the rules and restrictions.

“The security measures we use are very strict,” Sky News told Sky News. “If you are part of our bubble, of our team, of our cast, the first thing you do before coming on the set or on one of our locations is that you are temperature tested, you put on a new mask. .

“If you’re part of the crew touching the equipment, you have to wear gloves and you have to follow a strict set of guidelines, including going through a one-way system. ”

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On the set of The Batman, Pattinson was seen wearing a mask when not in front of the camera. Farrell was also seen using a clear face shield between takes, with extras and crew members also wearing masks.

The film, directed by Matt Reeves, sees Pattinson, 34, following in the footsteps of actors such as Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton and George Clooney playing the superhero.

The film also stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, and Jeffrey Wright as Gotham City Police Chief Commissioner Gordon.


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