Coronavirus: At least three quarters of people in UK fail to self-isolate | World news


Most people in the UK who have Covid-19 or are a contact with someone who has tested positive fail to self-isolate completely, despite the need to do so to avoid a resurgence of the disease. pandemic, advisers from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) told ministers last month.Recently published articles reveal that behavioral science experts have warned that only 18-25% of people who need it are self-isolating. Others still went out to work or shop, even though they risked infecting others.

In a document dated September 16, they called for financial support primarily for low-paid workers, but also for middle-income groups. Food and help with medical and other supplies would also be essential, they said.

Scientists warned the government in March that people would need the money to stay home. Evidence since then has accumulated. The Corsair study, with data collected every week from March to August, showed that only 18% of people with symptoms did not come out at all.


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