Coronation Street Geoff’s Abusive Scenes Removed For Going “Too Far”


Coronation Street actor Ian Bartholomew forced the show’s writers to rewrite scenes of domestic violence he was supposed to film because he felt the writers had gone “too far.”The 66-year-old soap opera star has left viewers worried over the past few months as his on-screen character Geoff Metcalfe abuses his on-screen wife Yasmeen Nazir.

But Ian felt the scenes were getting too out of hand for the family and refused to recite some of the lines given to him.

His protest prompted writers to rewrite key scenes to defuse some of the content.

Actor Ian Bartholomew refused to star in scenes that went ‘too far’ on Coronation Street

The Daily Star reports that the actor remained unsteady when his own son struggled to watch his scenes which showed him abusing Yasmeen – played by family friend Shelley King, 64.

Ian’s son reportedly “couldn’t quite understand” the abusive scenes, even though he knew his father was an actor.

The actor has reportedly refused to share exactly what was rewritten, but said he believed Coronation Street creator Tony Warren would have backed his decision.

Ian plays Geoff Metcalfe – the abusive husband of Yasmeen Metcalfe, played by Shelley King

Ian said: “My job is to interpret what the writers give me.

“Tony Warren said, ‘Act like you want them to write for you’ And that’s what I tried to do.”

As Corrie’s stars decline to reveal future storylines, Ian has said it will only be a matter of time before viewers see the karma catching up with Geoff.

He said, “We love to hate a bad guy and see someone like Geoff get his comeuppance.

“So I suspect he will.

“Let’s be honest – Geoff is going to get it. “


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