Cody Rhodes wins TNT title in brutal dog collar match


Crédit: All Elite Wrestling

Cody Rhodes got his revenge for the AEW TNT Championship tonight and it was a dog collar match to raise the stakes.

Due to the stipulation, the two men were linked to each other and there was nowhere to hide. Lee was able to open Rhodes from the start and the challenger wore a crimson mask all over. Both men didn’t let the chain restrict them as they went out of their way during the match and even made high-flying moves despite the potential damage to their necks.

Lee had the advantage for most of the match as he still had the power advantage against Rhodes despite the former champ pumping up for the rematch. However, Rhodes managed to open Lee’s face and then strangle him with the chain. Lee would make a comeback with a Boss Man Slam but got just two points. Rhodes would later have hit a remarkable moonsault as he was chained to his opponent, but that was not enough to regain the belt.

Rhodes looked disheartened after hitting a Cross Rhodes and Lee was sent off after just one count by the referee, but he continued to fight. Rhodes hit a superplex but didn’t have the energy to go to the spit after the bump. Rhodes would then hit another Cross Rhodes and that was enough for the victory.

Next week Rhodes will face Orange Cassidy in his first title defense of his second reign.

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