Cody Rhodes on if AEW will ever host a jointly sponsored show


Since fans got their first taste of All Elite Wrestling (before it was marked as such) in 2018 All in, many wondered if AEW would ever consider hosting a jointly promoted show similar to what Cody and the Young Bucks did with this event. The show featured wrestlers from Ring of Honor, NWA and NJPW, and was promoted on weekly ROH TV. While All in was an undeniable success, The American Nightmare revealed to that he doesn’t see a similar show co-promoted in AEW’s future.”I think you’ll never see a large-scale show, like a joint promotion [between AEW and another promotion] Cody said. We are too proud of our individual brand. But in terms of relationships, we never close the doors and we are never going to lift the bridges. ”

Some assume that due to AEW’s individuality, they have no working relationship with other promotions. However, Cody says it’s quite the opposite.

“I laughed when I heard people talk about a working relationship with New Japan because clearly it already exists,” Cody said. “Jon Moxley has been to New Japan, Chris Jericho has been to New Japan. This already exists, the working relationship. The NWA [owner] Bowl [Corgan] and Tony Khan are in touch, Thunder Rosa is the best example. … I loved seeing Tanahashi on TV last week. He’s someone I really wanted to step into the ring with once in singles and never had the chance – and who knows? It could happen in the future. But our doors are open, our bridges are falling. ”

AEW has its fair share of pre-established stars on its roster, but they’ve also given a national platform to dozens of independent wrestling leaders like Orange Cassidy, Private Party, and Darby Allin. While many independent stars are rebranded once they hit the world stage, the TNT champion says changing their personalities would be “insulting” to the independent scene.

“If we took someone who played in these VFWs, bingo halls, PAL centers, even some of the bigger independents [and changed their character] … It wouldn’t do the fandom they’ve already built a favor, ”Cody said.


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