City council approves motion asking province to cap food delivery charges


Toronto City Council unanimously voted in favor of a motion asking the province to cap the fees delivery apps charge restaurants.The use of food delivery apps has become increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic. They are a convenient way to drop off your favorite meal at your doorstep with minimal contact.

But some of these apps charge around 30% fees, which is hurting many restaurants struggling to survive due to the pandemic.

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Mayor John Tory would like something to be done. He hopes the companies themselves will voluntarily reduce their fees.

He says it doesn’t make sense that the food delivered ends up being a waste for restaurants.

“I think those companies that get their business, whose customers are the same restaurants that are suffering, should step forward as good corporate citizenship and say they’re going to give them a break for a while. “

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Councilor Michael Ford introduced the motion and believes it is a step in the right direction.

“I think this motion is a piece of the puzzle that we all need to consider.”

Premier Ford believes these fees are also too high. He hopes the companies behind the apps cut costs and says he’s ready to talk to Mayor Tory about it.


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