Circus owners protest against ban on wild animals in France


The march should start at 1:00 p.m. Place René-Char in Paris, and head towards the Ministry of Ecology.A Twitter user against the ban – and apparently in favor of the march – said that the announced “progressive ban” was “absurd”. He asserted that circus animals are “not wild but domesticated”, and criticized “the gross ignorance of city dwellers” who have no “cultural know-how” about the functioning of circus “artists”.

‘Gradual end’

The protests come after Ecology Minister Barbara Pompili unveiled on September 29 the “gradual end” of traveling circuses using wild animals in France, as part of a series of measures aimed at improving the well-being of wild animals in captivity.

The measures also included:

  • The end of killer whales and dolphins used in “unsuitable” dolphinariums
  • The end of mink farming for fur
  • Support for zoos seeking to improve the living conditions of their animals

Ms Pompili noted a change in times and a new relationship with wild animals, and said: “It is time that our ancestral fascination with these wild beings no longer translates into situations where their captivity is favored over their own. well-being. ”

She did not give a timeline for the changes, but said she would “put a process in place to make it happen as quickly as possible.”

She said that “solutions will be found on a case-by-case basis, with each circus, for each animal”, and added: “We ask [circuses] to reinvent oneself. It will be a time when they will need support, the state will be by their side. ”

To this end, the government should provide a subsidy of 8 million euros to support circuses and dolphinariums during the transition period.

Ms Pompili’s announcement was welcomed by animal welfare groups including PETA France and LPO France.

There are around 500 wild animals in French circuses, according to the newspaper The world. The new rules will bring France into line with more than 20 European countries that have already restricted or banned the display of animals, Ms. Pompili said.

About 400 cities in France have individually passed laws against the use of animals in circuses and other places of entertainment.

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