Cineworld “closes all cinemas”, endangering thousands of jobs


Cineworld is expected to close all of its 128 theaters in the UK and Ireland, putting thousands of jobs at risk.

Executives from Cineworld Group PLC, the world’s second-largest cinema chain, are reportedly preparing to write to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Culture Minister Oliver Downden, telling them the industry has become “unsustainable”.

The decision to close will be blamed on the postponement of major blockbusters amid the coronavirus pandemic, reports say.

The closures are believed to be temporary, with a view to reopening next year to coincide with the large delayed releases.

Meanwhile, UK Cinema Association chief executive Phil Clapp said Le Sunday Times that the James Bond announcement has been ‘possibly the biggest blow to UK cinema operators of a number of similar announcements in recent weeks and will undoubtedly result in the closure of a significant number of cinemas “.

After the report was published, a group on Twitter called Cineworld Action Group claimed that there had been “no consultation with staff” regarding the shutdown of theaters.

“The first page of tomorrow Time announces that Cineworld plans to close all of its theaters across the country as of this week, putting all of our jobs at immediate risk, ”the group said.

A statement added: “We have found vital information about our media jobs throughout the pandemic.

“Workers were excluded from discussions which should have included our voices. However, in this case, it goes beyond belief. Finding out that you may no longer have a media job is horrible. “

The independent has contacted Cineworld representatives for comment.


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