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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Churches in the coronavirus cluster areas of New York will remain closed by court order this weekend.The move comes amid a setback in the national fight against COVID-19 and a terrible warning about so-called “COVID fatigue,” CBS2’s Christina Fan reported on Saturday.

The lawsuit brought by the Diocese of Brooklyn was just one of many brought by religious groups against Governor Andrew Cuomo. Many complaints came from Orthodox Jewish communities, who claimed to have been unfairly singled out by the governor’s restrictions.

“Public worship is not a non-essential activity. It is an activity protected by the Constitution of the United States, ”said lawyer Ron Coleman.

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But, the court agreed with Cuomo. A judge ruled that it was in the public interest to limit attendance at religious services.

While the restrictions may disappoint religious groups, they may help prevent a new wave of the virus, health experts say East on my way.

Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn, said he was disappointed with the decision, but churches will comply with the restrictions.


The cases in New Jersey are booming.

“For our practice and our community here in northern New Jersey, we are starting what I believe is a second wave,” said Dr. Alexander Salerno of Salerno Medical Associates.

Dr Solerno said his Newark office is testing at least 40 people a day. Last week he had 25 positive tests in one day. This equates to the total number of positives that Dr Solerno saw during the entire month of August.

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At least seven states set infection records this week, with 63,000 new cases confirmed in one day.

“It’s not the same virus from March as it is today,” said Dr Solerno. “It keeps changing and transforming… And it’s not so much the silent spreaders as we would see in the summer. But, now we are seeing symptomatic COVID.

More than seven months after the start of the pandemic, doctors say they see too many people becoming complacent – a concern that is attracting national attention.

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, said the week he spent in intensive care for COVID-19 gave him time to reflect on the mistake he made in not wearing mask at the White House.

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“I did it for seven months… and I stayed healthy,” Christie said. “I didn’t do it for four days and ended up in the ICU… I want to be unequivocal and also admit that I let my guard down.

Health experts say lowering the guard is a troubling trend.

“When you look around and see that other people have let their guard down, you might assume it’s time to let go of yours as well,” said Corey Bush, professor of public health at the ‘William Paterson University.


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