Chris Selley: Ridiculous Halloween COVID lockdown may have finally sparked another rebellion in Upper Canada


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Halloween is not prohibited. No one’s plans for important days should depend on the will of that man or this government. If you’re so stupid that you haven’t figured out what’s safest and what’s not yet, it seems unlikely that you are following the government’s advice to the letter anyway.

It’s almost like some of us are looking for a villain to justify breaking the rules

That said, de Villa agrees with Williams on faking or treating, as do his counterparts in Ontario’s other COVID-19 hot areas. Many people who criticized Williams’ advice were renting from Villa just two weeks ago in the name of maximum security. As of this writing, Williams seems to attract roughly 100% contempt, and Villa and his municipal counterparts close to zero.

It’s almost as if some of us are looking for a villain to justify breaking the rules – as if, after seven months, our innate and inexplicable preferences are gradually overcoming our supernatural Ontario caution and fetish for rules.

I expected Ontario’s gossip classes to agree with the majority, as polls have suggested on most COVID-19 restrictions: the more stringent, the better. Leger’s Oct. 6 poll for the Association for Canadian Studies found that among parents who let their children cheat or treat last year, 67% said they would not do so this year. Fifty-eight percent agreed that “governments (should) step in and cancel Halloween.”

Strolling with a group of strangers and neighbors that we have carefully avoided for six months? Madness! What if a child had a runny nose and took off his mask!


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