Chris Jericho says he might not wrestle today if not for AEW


Crédit photo: All Elite Wrestling

As part of the celebration marking 30 years in the company this week, Chris Jericho appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss his departure from WWE and how it got him to that milestone. Jericho was tired of dealing with the way things worked in WWE, and he has plenty of other businesses to occupy his time. He was quick to point out that once AEW became an option and jumped off the ship, everyone in WWE got a raise to keep them from making the same move.

Jericho is also convinced that NXT is Wednesday specifically to stop AEW’s momentum, and that Dynamite would occasionally make RAW issues if they were released unopposed. He says this is due to AEW’s creative freedom and his idea that everyone on the list is there to try to be a main event. For example, the Mimosa Mayhem match came about thanks to a hastily scribbled drawing Jericho handed to Tony Khan, and it was almost instantly approved. This doesn’t happen in WWE, and Jericho implies that it’s part of their ongoing issues.

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