Chris Harrison says Clare Crawley’s ending is ‘turbulent’


Bachelor Nation fans were ecstatic when Clare Crawley was named the next bachelor. The 39-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, Calif. Made it clear her expectations and what she expects from the reality show. So, despite the franchise’s tendency to prioritize drama in recent seasons, viewers were hopeful that Crawley would happily receive her forever. But recently host Chris Harrison revealed Crawley’s Bachelorette the end will be “turbulent” and “savage”.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelorette Season 16.]

What Chris Harrison Says About Clare Crawley’s Season of “The Bachelorette”

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The fans buzzed La bachelorette Season 16 since Crawley was first announced. But the excitement exploded once rumors about Crawley and Tayshia Adams emerged. According to multiple reports, Adams became the new bachelor when Crawley fell in love with one of his contestants at the start of the season.

Nonetheless, Harrison has not been able to confirm or deny the rumors. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight published on September 29, the Bachelor Nation host noted that Adams was “not do not la bachelorette. »

Then, speaking with Access, he avoided answering if Crawley had left early to be with his last choice. But either way, Harrison wanted fans to know that Crawley didn’t fire shots when it came to his love affair.

“Being a little older, she went through this,” Harrison said of Crawley. “She wasn’t there to mess around. It is not about pageantry. Not about the pump and the circumstances … or even La bachelorette. She wanted to find love.

He continued, “To that end, she was going to do whatever it took, whenever she found him, however she found him. And she was very serious about it.

Chris Harrison reveals his thoughts on the end of Clare Crawley in “The Bachelorette” season 16

Clare Crawley’s “The Bachelorette” | ABC / Maarten de Boer

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While Crawley took his time La bachelorette seriously, there’s still a possibility that Season 16 doesn’t have a traditional ending. Then in the above interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harrison revealed what fans can expect going forward.

“Clare took us on a journey like we’ve never seen,” he says. “It will be a roller coaster ride like no other. ”

He also claimed that Bachelor Nation was not ready to see what happened inside La bachelorette bubble. “It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen on this show before,” Harrison said. “I know I say that sometimes. But I really think we have outdone ourselves this time.

Harrison was also asked if Crawley would receive a happy ending. Then La bachelorette The host hinted that the manager’s love affair was still ongoing. “That remains to be seen,” Harrison said.

Meanwhile, Harrison shared his own reaction to Crawley Bachelorette ending, and he only had four words. “Turbulent. Tumultuous. Spectacular. Savage, ”he said.

Season 16 of “The Bachelorette” to be released in October 2020

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In all fairness, Harrison’s comments on Crawley’s ending are a bit disturbing, given that those are the same words he used to describe Peter Weber’s season. The single person.

“It’s a wild and eventful ending. You won’t predict how it will turn out, ”Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter of Weber’s January 2020 season.“ It’s a mad rush. It’s a hectic, wild, emotional and heartbreaking race until the very end.

But whatever happens to Crawley La bachelorette Season 16, it is clear that the leader will do everything in his power to find his person. So stay tuned. The new season begins on Tuesday, October 13.

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