Chris Christie hospitalized after being diagnosed with Covid


WASHINGTON – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced on Saturday that he had been hospitalized after testing positive for the coronavirus earlier today.

“In consultation with my doctors, I checked into Morristown Medical Center this afternoon. Although I feel fine and have only mild symptoms, due to my history of asthma we have decided this is an important precautionary measure, ”Christie written on twitter. “I am grateful for our hard working healthcare professionals and look forward to coming home soon. “

Christie, a close ally of President Donald Trump, is among a growing number of Republicans diagnosed with the coronavirus after attending a Rose Garden ceremony last Saturday in honor of Trump’s Supreme Court candidate, the Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

The tweeted earlier on Saturday he had “just received a word” that he tested positive and that he “would receive medical attention.”

Although the Rose Garden event was held outdoors, very few attendees wore masks and there was no social distancing effort. Some attendees also participated in other celebratory events in honor of Barrett that took place inside.

In addition to the President and the First Lady, former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, Republican Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Mike Lee of Utah, University of Notre Dame President John Jenkins and a White House reporter have all tested positive since attending the Rose Garden ceremony.

Christie was also on Trump’s debate prep team ahead of the first game against Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday.

Christie told ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​on Friday that no one in the pre-debate session was wearing a mask.

“No one was wearing masks in the room during this time when we were preparing the president,” Christie said. “The group was about five or six people in total. “

Christie attended a White House press conference on Sunday, where he sat in the briefing room near administration officials and unmasked reporters.


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