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The UK recently released official statistics for its defense and security export market for 2019, maintaining its position as the second-largest defense exporter for two consecutive years, ahead of Russia.

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According to the report, the UK’s share of the global defense export market was estimated at 16% in 2019. The UK’s largest defense export markets were the Middle East, Europe and the United Kingdom. North America, worth £ 7.2 billion.

The increase in export market share is attributed to the successful conclusion of several contracts mainly involving the sale of fighter jets – the Eurofighter Typhoon, to Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Sales of Hawk trainers in India were also mentioned, as were sales of helicopters in Norway and South Korea and Trent 700 aircraft engines in France.

An interesting mention of the source of income is the work of the F-35 with the United States, from where the United Kingdom began to receive deliveries for the same.

The report also mentions some major global defense export agreements, including:

  • Russia – Rent 6 Akula submarines to India ($ 3.3 billion)

  • United States to Saudi Arabia – Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) ($ 1.95 billion)

  • From Brazil to Portugal – 5 x Embraer KC-390 multi-mission air carriers ($ 932 million)

  • From Russia to Malaysia – Su-30MKM fighter jet refurbishment ($ 540 million)

  • United States to Norway – 4 P-8A planes ($ 595 million)

Statistics also revealed that 2018 was the costliest year ever, and the global defense export market would have grown from $ 100 billion in 2018 to around $ 89 billion in 2019.

Russian paratroopers: file image

While being the second largest exporter, the UK was also the 10th largest importer of weapons systems, mainly involving the F-35 and UAV agreements with the United States. Saudi Arabia and India still occupy the first places in the list of major importers.

These new reports reveal a major setback for Russia, which was considered one of the world’s biggest arms exporters after the United States, but trends have changed rapidly over the past five years.

While Washington retains its first place, the race for second place has been quite difficult; in 2015 it was France, narrowly continuing its position the following year, while Russia came in second in 2017. Since then the UK has maintained its second position according to British reports.

In 2019, the United States achieved a market share of around 47% (reflecting strong sales across all sectors), while the United Kingdom was at 16%, Russia at 11% and France at 10%. %.


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