Chelsea walks on ‘right balance’ as Airbnb party renews COVID-19 concerns in community


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“The people of the area are getting very nervous about their own health and think it is something that is beyond their control.

Police responding to multiple complaints from neighbors arrived at the house in the Tulip Valley neighborhood around 2 a.m. Sunday to find 25 cars in the driveway and dozens of international students at the party, according to Sgt. Martin Fournel of the MRC des Collines police.

The 83 people identified by police were fined $ 1,000 each (approximately $ 1,500 with administrative costs). There were more people at the party, but Fournel said some of the revelers fled into the bushes.

Airbnb issued a global ban in August on house parties at its properties, and a spokesperson said on Tuesday the company was investigating the Chelsea party.

“Home parties are currently banned on Airbnb around the world and we are investigating this incident,” Ben Breit said in an email.

The owner lives in Montreal, according to police, and was not there at the time.

The revelers were international students from several post-secondary institutions, police said, who had traveled from Ottawa, Montreal, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières.

The party was announced on social media, although Fournel said: “We don’t know exactly how. ”

Green called this an “unfortunate situation” that municipalities pressured the Quebec government to remedy.

“With this situation there is a big gathering with up to 150 people and the neighbors have been kept awake by this so we have a business entity in a residential area,” Green said.


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