‘Charmed’ Vs. Original reboot: Holly Marie Combs calls for peace


It has been a dramatic week in the Charm– conversely, because several stars of the original series and the reboot of The CW have publicly spoken out against each other. Now Holly Marie Combs takes a page from Piper Halliwell’s book and calls for peace.

“My Charmed friends… I would like everyone to stop,” Combs tweeted Thursday evening. “The truth will be told and it will be said, it is that our problems were and are at the level of the company. And we have the receipts. Just as new actors were asked to be people they weren’t, we received ultimatums that were completely unfair.

She added, “And I will tell the ladies of the reboot… stay together… negotiate together and know that the talk between us, you guys and the crews being rejected and replaced is what they’re relying on.” Division. That’s all. Be blessed. ”

“And for the last time, I will say this is not just one person taking a job to support themselves or their family,” Combs concluded. “This is an industry that only sees us as numbers, be it trailing signs or $. Because in the end and indeed in the beginning that’s all we were / are. Cool. ”

While there have long been tensions between the shows’ castings, this latest surge came earlier this week when reboot star Sarah Jeffery responded to Combs and Rose McGowan’s criticism of the new series, which they have received. made earlier this month in an Instagram Live video.

During the video, Combs acknowledged a follower’s comment that the original Charm has been removed from Netflix. Combs theorized aloud that “when looking [the show on Netflix], they want you to find the new one Charm and not the elderly, ”prompting McGowan to respond that the reboot“ sucks ”.

“I haven’t seen him, I can’t say that. I’ve never seen it, “McGowan continued, adding to a laugh from Combs that” I’m glad people have jobs. But it can still suck.

“I find it sad and downright pathetic to see adult women behaving this way,” Jeffery tweeted Monday. “I really hope they find happiness elsewhere, and not in the form of belittling others [women of color]. I would be embarrassed to behave that way. Peace and love for all of you.

Combs responded to Jeffery’s tweets on Tuesday, calling them “some [bulls–t]. McGowan also reacted to Jeffery’s tweets on Wednesday, though his response was a bit more combative than Combs’ tweets. “Dear Sarah Jeffery, honestly I had no idea who you were until you tweeted,” she wrote in an Instagram story. After insisting that her criticism of the reboot had nothing to do with its diversity, she added, “There is no soul or heart in something that is done purely for profit while refusing to elevate and innovate. Restarts will always be the shadow, the originals will always be the sun. I wish you good. ”

The cast of Charm is currently filming the third season of the reboot, which is slated to air in 2021.


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