Canadians must cut contacts by a quarter to control COVID-19 outbreak: Tam


New federal projections suggest Canadians need to cut a quarter of their contacts to prevent the resurgence of the COVID-19 epidemic.Modeling indicates that at current rates of in-person socialization, Canada could see the number of COVID-19 cases increase to 8,000 per day by early December.

Public health officials say a 25% reduction in contacts could control the spread of the virus in most places.

Canada’s chief public health officer said further restrictions and closures may be needed in communities where the virus is on the rise.

Dr Theresa Tam says more regions have reported increased infection rates in the past two weeks, with 26 indigenous communities reporting two or more active cases of COVID-19.

Forecasts predict that the total number of COVID-19 in Canada could reach 262,000 cases and 10,400 cases of death by November 8.


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