Canadian woman returns ‘cursed’ artifacts stolen from Pompeii


A Canadian tourist returned stolen artifacts from the ancient site of Pompeii, claiming it was “bad luck”.The 36-year-old woman, who has only been identified as Nicole, sent a bundle of relics and a note confessing to taking them to a local travel agent in Campania, Italy, the Telegraph reported.

“Bring them back, please, they bring bad luck,” the woman wrote of the two pieces of mosaic, one piece of ceramic and two pieces of an ancient pot known as the amphora.

She said she stole the artifacts in 2005 on a trip to the tourist destination, which has been preserved in part following the eruption of Vesuvius more than 2,000 years ago.

“I was young and stupid, and wanted to have a piece of history that no one had,” she wrote.

But she said after bringing the memories back to Canada, she was struck by a series of tragic events.

She said she believed she “stole a piece of history that contained a lot of negative energy.”

“The people there died horribly. Bad luck has played out with me and my family, ”the woman wrote, explaining that she has battled breast cancer twice.

She said she was planning to return to Italy so that she could apologize in person.

“We’re good people… I just want to get rid of this curse on me and my family,” she wrote. “Please take back those artifacts, so I can do the right thing and fix the mistake I made.”

The owner of the travel agency who received the artifacts turned them over to the police, the outlet reported.

It is not known whether charges will be filed against the tourist.


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