Canada ‘heading in the wrong direction’ with COVID-19, says Trudeau as cases rise in most countries


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“The Prime Minister is the only person responsible for leading our country in the right direction, but the Prime Minister is not acting.”

Over the weekend, the Toronto Public Health Department said it would refocus its contact tracing initiatives and no longer do contact tracing for every positive test, but instead focus on cases. most at risk.

Toronto has called on the province to eliminate indoor dining and put in place other restrictions to slow the growth in the number of cases, but Ontario Premier Doug Ford has so far chose not to go in that direction.

Ford said the government was struggling to put in place personnel and supplies for the tests.

“We are struggling to find enough diagnostic lab technicians. We are working across the province, ”he said.

It’s not about pointing fingers or blaming

He begged people to only get tested if they had symptoms.

“If you don’t have any symptoms, don’t get tested. Let people with symptoms stand in front of you. ”

Ford said it did not yet have the data to support restaurant closings and other restrictive measures. He said he didn’t want to force struggling small businesses to close if it wasn’t completely necessary.

“I have to see the evidence before it takes someone’s livelihood away from them and prevents them from living. It’s a huge, huge decision.

Trudeau said the $ 19 billion sent to the provinces helped the situation, but he understands that money is not the only solution to the problem and he said the focus must be on the current problem.


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