Calgary residential tax rate hike among the highest in Canada


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Gerry Baxter, executive director of the Calgary Residential Rental Association, warned that rent increases would be inevitable without the intervention of city officials.

“When you move taxpayer dollars from one category to another, you will see increases,” he says.

The Landmark Canadian Property Tax Rate Report, which provides an in-depth look at commercial and residential property tax rates in 11 major cities across Canada, found that Calgary recorded the second-highest increase in property rates. residential taxation, with a 13% jump in 2020 Monday, October 26, 2020. Photo par Darren Makowichuk / Postmedia

“The city, for the past six years, has struggled with low tax revenues from empty downtown buildings. For six years now, they seem to have done very little to try to correct this, other than to pass the loss of revenue on to different tax categories. ”

He urged the council to seek further savings to ease the burden.

“Calgarians need to stand up and say, ‘Enough, I’m not your personal ATM,’” Baxter said.

“We call on the city to restrain. Make cuts. We know they could make more cuts. ”

More cuts are likely, according to Sutherland, but he said identifying suitable areas would be a challenge for the council next month.

“We are laying people off, we have contracted out different services, we are reducing wherever we can,” he said.

“You have to remember that the majority of the budget is spent on police, firefighters and roads. You really have to have solutions, do your homework to see where you can save money. ”

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