Calgary COVID-19 cases ‘are scary numbers’: Sampson – Calgary


Calgary’s chief of emergency management is sounding the alarm bells on the increase in COVID-19 cases in the city.“I feel a bit like Chicken Little – I’ve been running for a long time to talk about numbers,” Calgary Emergency Management Agency chief Tom Sampson said Thursday.

“These numbers are different. These numbers are frightening. And if we don’t get them under control quickly, we’ll have a problem. “

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The CEMA chief was on an emergency management committee to discuss the city’s critical infrastructure emergency preparedness.

The presentation focused on the complex and networked feature of this critical infrastructure, concluding with the agency’s management of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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“Recently, Edmonton has seen a higher case rate,” Sampson told the committee. “But yesterday Calgary passed Edmonton again in added cases to the region in one day.

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Sampson shared the latest COVID-19 data, noting that the number of active cases rose to 1,260 from 1,130 in one day, and the transmission rate (Rt) rose to 1.45.

“This means that for 10 people who have [COVID-19], they’re going to give it to 14.5, ”Sampson told reporters. “It goes up from there… it’s multiplied, several times. And so we need to pay attention to it now. “

Activation of COVID-19 surge measures in Edmonton should be a warning to everyone: infectious disease specialist

Activation of COVID-19 surge measures in Edmonton should be a warning to everyone: infectious disease specialist

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is also concerned about the rising numbers, saying the city was doing well after the first wave.

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“At the end of July, we were flirting with 200 active cases in Calgary and I felt a lot more comfortable thinking, ‘If we can live with a stable condition between 200 and 300 cases at one time, then we can really start to think about what this new normal looks like. “

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Nenshi said the current presence of the virus in the city was “more than in the height of the lockdown. “

“Discipline is the best vaccine and we have to make sure we continue to be disciplined.”

Nenshi said the top three public health tips – “Good hygiene. Keep your distance. Wear your mask. – are easy to do.

“So all this madness about COVID-19 fatigue]and, ‘I don’t want to do it’ – it’s selfish and we can’t afford it anymore,” the mayor said Thursday.

Sampson asks for the mask’s empathy

Sampson pointed out that some people, for medical reasons, cannot wear a mask.

“Don’t be hard on these people,” Sampson said.

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“I mean we have good social cohesion in Calgary. People pay attention and they do. I just need a little more now. Let’s push the trend down. “

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Sampson and the mayor both want Alberta to join federal contract tracking app COVID Alert, with Sampson saying it’s “ridiculous” that the provincial government has yet to pass it and Calgarians should l ‘proactively install on their smartphones.

“Contact tracing is an important part [of stopping the virus]. These people are working their bones and they’re not very lucky, ”he says.

CEMA chief Tom Sampson issued a few words of warning to Calgarians on Thursday as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the city.

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In September, the government said there was no timeline for the province to transition to using the AB Trace Together federal app.

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Asked last Tuesday about the progress of the adoption of the federal system, the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, said that “the discussions are continuing.

“As we work on these technical details with the federal government, it is important to remember that we already have an app that can help notify people if they are nearby through confidential messages,” he said. she declared.

Click to play video 'Hinshaw Says Discussions Still Underway for Alberta's Transition to Federal COVID-19 Tracing Enforcement'

Hinshaw says discussions are still underway for Alberta’s transition to federal COVID-19 tracking enforcement

Hinshaw says discussions are still underway for Alberta’s transition to federal COVID-19 tracking enforcement

The hands of the city of Calgary are tied when it comes to additional measures and restrictions on things like the types of businesses that can open, or their hours of operation, to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Even in a local state of emergency, these powers belong to the province.

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“There were very few [during the formation of the Emergency Management Act for local powers] for a health emergency, ”Sampson told the committee. “And as such, our dependence on Dr. [Deena] Hinshaw and the health care act are high – they are in the lead.

“And if there’s something to be done, honestly, they’re the ones who have to step in and say what it is.”

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