Calgary Brewery was closed after someone served buffet food using their hands


CALGARY – A Calgary brewery was ordered to close after an indoor social event took place with 85 people in attendance who were not socially distanced, including one serving buffet food at the using their hands. Alberta Health Services issued the written order against the Mill Street Brewery and Restaurant in the 200 block of 17th Avenue SW on October 5, after a verbal order was issued on October 2.

The reasons for the closure include:

  • An indoor social event took place in the establishment with 85 clients present without any physical distance measurement;

  • Customers did not maintain a physical distance and were crowded in the upper and lower parts of the restaurant;

  • There were patrons seated at the bar and no barrier was installed to prevent contamination of food, food contact surfaces and glassware;

  • Customers crowded around the bar to order drinks;

  • Seven clients were seated at a table;

  • Several dinners were seated within two meters of each other, and;

  • A customer served the buffet food using his hands.

The facility was to remain closed until owners provide a written plan “detailing the COVID-19 risk mitigation measures that will be in place and how they will be applied during events, including but not limited to. limit, customer capacity, physical distance and buffet service. . ”

Mill Street issued a statement apologizing for the closure.

“Following an indoor event where public health guidelines were not followed, we received an order from Alberta Health Services to shut down the brew pub,” the Creative’s statement read. Management Group.

With files from CTV Calgary’s Tyson Fedor


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