BTS ” Tonight Show ‘buyout proves why they’re so loved


Dressed, like the vast majority of us these days, in comfy pajamas, bathrobes and sweaters (if designer), the seven band members danced and performed in a very elaborate ensemble designed to look like a cozy apartment. , with a food fight. in the kitchen and a revolving room which I guess left Christopher Nolan shaking. Where “Idol” shone the spotlight on BTS’s ever-impressive choreography, “Home” showcased the members’ family bond, their fun spirit, and, let’s face it, their exceptional attention to detail when it comes to performing.

And then came Wednesday’s performance of their single “Black Swan,” which originally came out in January of this year as the precursor to their chart-topping album. Soul Card: 7. The drop of the single was accompanied by what was presented to the world as an “Art Film” – a moving and intense modern dance piece performed by the MN Dance Company on an orchestral version of the track – and so it made sense that this time around , the emphasis was on the identity of the group as an artist.

Dressed in black and performing a hypnotic take on contemporary ‘Black Swan’ choreography in front of the backdrop of a crumbling church, the members sang and banged about their attempts to come to terms with the artist’s fear of losing. his passion for their profession. “The heart stops beating when you hear the music play,” Suga raps in the first verse. “Seems like time has stood still / It would be my first death that I’ve always been afraid of.” ”

Of course, most viewers probably couldn’t understand the words they heard – neither could I when I first heard them – but looking for the different lyrics translations by fans is part of the beauty of being. an army. Doing this encourages a level of attention and analysis that only creates an even deeper personal connection with the music that yes, many of us don’t actually understand the words. (After Wednesday’s episode, the official Tonight show Twitter account ad he was working on adding English subtitles to every BTS performance of the week on YouTube.)

It was this deep personal connection between BTS, their music and their ARMY that was celebrated during Thursday night’s performance: “Mikrokosmos,” the song that closed each stop on the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. last year. It’s a song written for and dedicated to their fans, honoring the mutual love and respect between BTS and ARMY that really sets the band apart from any other artist.

“You got me / Seeing you, I dream / I had you / In the dark nights,” Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook harmonize on the chorus of the song. the Tonight show the performance – filmed at Gyeonghoeru, the royal pavilion of Gyeongbok Palace – ended with a recreation of the drone show that lit the sky during the group’s last in-person concert in Seoul in October of last year, flying over the pavilion to create, of course, the logos of BTS and ARMY. I won’t lie: I was at that last concert. And yes, I cried. Both yesterday and today.

Of course it is Tonight’s show, and so the week wouldn’t be complete without some silly but undeniably fun sketches and a charismatic interview. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook spoke about their charitable contributions, what they were like as kids in school, their upcoming album Be, and, of course, their desire for a Grammy nomination, which members say is the next step in their success. Thanks to their extraordinary growth in the last year alone, it seems more likely than ever.

“The Grammys are certainly the most honorable music award that assesses an artist’s notoriety and musical odyssey,” RM explained. “Winning a Grammy in such difficult times could give a lot of people more hope and dreams. “


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