BTS show their humanity with their “Map of the Soul ON: E” concert


On October 10, BTS premiered of two performances for their online concert “Map of the Soul ON: E”. With larger-than-life scenes, the Korean group featured songs from their 2020 album Soul Card: 7 and performed some classics from their discography. While the concert definitely proved that BTS has been releasing quality hits for years, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook’s humanity were at the heart of the show.

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The band performed old and new songs

BTS opened their debut ‘Map of the Soul ON: E’ concert featuring ‘ON’, the debut single from Soul Card: 7. The song was largely ignored by US radio, and since BTS’s Map of the Soul tour was postponed indefinitely, the K-pop group has gone all out.

Complete with a fanfare, large backdrops referencing the “ON” music video and the ferocity of BTS, the septet gave the song the recognition it was stolen. BTS then performed “NO” from their 2013 album. THE! RUL8.2? and “We’re Bulletproof, Pt. 2” from their debut album 2 Cool 4 School.

After a VCR, RM opened the next set with his solo song “Intro: Persona”. BTS then joined him on stage, and the group performed “Boy In Luv” from their 2014 EP. Affair School Luv while wearing school uniforms. Maintaining the pattern of interconnecting older songs with songs from the Soul Map series of albums, the band closed the set with a remix of “Dionysus”, a song they first released on their 2019 EP Soul Map: Persona.

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BTS performed solo and unitary scenes for the first concert “Map of the Soul ON: E”

After another VCR, Suga opened the next set with his solo song “Interlude: Shadow,” which details the downsides of fame. The group then chose to perform “Black Swan”, an introspective single by Soul Card: 7.

In “Black Swan,” BTS express their fear of losing their passion for performance while striving to keep going despite that fear. It felt even more moving when the band performed the song at a concert that was forced to be online due to a global pandemic. In a surprise twist, Jimin took a solo dance break on the orchestral version of the song, showing off his modern dance skills.

Then BTS’s rap line, RM, Suga and J-Hope, performed “UGH! While wearing a boxing outfit. The group’s vocal line, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, followed with their unitary song of Soul Card: 7, « 00:00 (Zero O’Clock). »

After the Unity stages, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, V and J-Hope performed their most recent solo songs, “My Time”, “Filter”, “Moon”, “Inner Child” and “Outro: Ego ”. For ARMY, this “Map of the Soul ON: E” concert marked the first time they got to see the solo and oneness songs of Soul Card: 7 played live.

BTS showed their love for ARMY at the concert

In the second half of the first “Map of the Soul ON: E” concert, BTS performed “Boy With Luv”, “DNA”, “Dope”, “No More Dream”, “Butterfly”, “Run” and “Dynamiter” . After performing “Dynamite”, their new single in English, the group began its demise. This is where the dedication of the band members really showed.

In their actions, members referred to their disappointment with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Some of them felt desperate because the pandemic was out of their control, while others expressed how frustrated they were to uproot everything.

During Jimin’s mentorship, he cried because he had no idea at all why the coronavirus had to occur, disrupting his and BTS’s plans for the year. The BTS singer told fans that while he was sad, he was also thankful that he could finally share something with the other members and ARMY after so long.

To close the concert, BTS performed “We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal,” a song that reflects their past struggles while affirming their love for each other and for the ARMY.

BTS Humanity Was Main Benefit Of “Map of the Soul ON: E” Concert

Sometimes the “Map of the Soul ON: E” concert on October 10 was larger than life. BTS performed songs with great sets on multiple stages. There have been some awesome costume changes, new choreography, and daring special effects.

BTS finally got the chance to pay homage to Soul Card: 7 while providing an escape for fans. However, the group’s ending reminded viewers that while BTS are artists doing their best to keep up with this year’s punches, they’re still human.

In 2020, BTS made their album debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, a song debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, won multiple awards, and they have a new album to be released on November 20. frustrated and desperate as they felt despite their record year, they have shown that it is possible to be happy for what you have while mourning for what you have lost. In a time of uncertainty where everyone has lost something, this reassuring feeling cannot be underestimated.

Setlist «Map of the Soul ON: E» (Jour 1):

  • ” SURE “
  • « NON »
  • “We are bulletproof, part 2”
  • « Intro: Person »
  • «Boy In Luv»
  • «Dionysos»
  • « Interlude: Shadow »
  • ” Black Swan “
  • « POUAH! »
  • «00:00 (Zero O’Clock)»
  • ” My time “
  • “Filter”
  • “Moon”
  • “Inner child”
  • “Other: Ego”
  • “Boy with Luv”
  • «ADN»
  • « Dope »
  • “No more dreams”
  • « Papillon »
  • ” Run “
  • “Dynamite”
  • “We are bulletproof: the eternal”


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