BTS honored the sacrifices of the Korean War. Some in China have detected an insult.


The hashtags “there are no idols that come before my country” and “BTS humiliate China” were all the rage in China.

Jolly Liu, a 21-year-old medical student in Guangzhou, said she would reconsider her support for the group. In a phone interview on Monday, she said she was angry with his comments, which she learned of after watching a live video of a BTS concert on Saturday.

“We can’t force them to have the same political views as we do, but since you get our money and support here, you should take note and respect each country,” she said.

Others said they felt members of the group, as South Koreans, were entitled to their own opinions, although perhaps they should have kept quiet about it.

Qin Xiaxin, a netizen in Wuhan, said in a phone interview on Monday that she felt proud that her grandfather fought in the war against the Americans and finds BTS ‘comments inappropriate, believing they should have avoided political issues.

“We are from two countries, so we will have our differences when we encounter issues involving the sovereignty of our respective countries. It is certain, ”she said. “Because there is no one who does not love their country, right?”

Some said they found it hard to see what was so offensive. Charlene Liu, a 21-year-old student in Shanghai, wrote on Weibo that it would not be natural to mention historical enemies during a tribute to the war.


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