Bruce Arians: Antonio Brown will be “almost zero” with the Tampa Bay attack


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When wide receiver Antonio Brown officially joins the Buccaneers after Week 8, he’ll be starting from square one when it comes to learning offense.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, coach Bruce Arians was asked if Brown’s experience with the Arians in Pittsburgh would translate into Tampa Bay.

“I think some route concepts and things like that, but when I left they changed the terminology in Pittsburgh for all those years he’s been playing, so it’s going to be pretty much zero with him other than the routes tree, how we manage routes things like that, ”Ariens said. “It will be a big adjustment for him, but we’ll let him know.”

Before telling him, the Arians and Buccaneers had to get Brown in the door. The Arians explained to Peter King of Football morning in America regarding the steps leading up to Brown’s signing.

“I know everyone wants to say that Tom Brady pressured us to do this,” Arians said. “Tom Brady lobbied me, my God, June, July, August. I said no. It just didn’t fit then. Now we are on the hunt. I owe it to the rest of my players – if there’s a guy who fits our cheap salary cap, who’s a Pro Bowl type player, let’s get him into our squad. Who said you have to start? I mean, we just had another Pro Bowl player to play if one of these guys breaks down. AB brings another dynamic to our team that we don’t have. I owe it to the rest of our players to put together the best possible team. I do not foresee any problem. I do not foresee any situation where he and I will have a problem. He knows that if there is, it is a very short contract.

Brown may accept a replacement role in order to secure a job, believing that the team will eventually realize that he deserves a bigger role. If he doesn’t, what happens?

“This move wasn’t made without me talking to each of our veteran players,” Arians told King. “Do you want this guy? Do you want this guy in our locker room? Every man said yes.

Some would say every man said yes because they knew Brady wanted Brown, and they suspected it would come back to Brady if they said no.

Either way, the Buccaneers now have Brown. It remains to be seen if he will make it through the season, if not even through the month.


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