Briton who thinks coronavirus is ‘hoax’ sparks not wearing mask on plane


A British anti-masker who believes Covid-19 is a ‘hoax’ sparked a furious argument after posting a selfie of her and two friends not wearing face covers on a plane. Mum Charisse Burchett, of Bath, Somerset, bragged about having “a maskless confrontation of 10 Britons at Berlin airport” where “the police and authorities could not make us wear masks”.

As she has been labeled “an embarrassment for the UK” and abused by Twitter users, Charisse claimed that she and the other women seen smiling in the photo are medically exempt from wearing masks.

In the offensive tweets that followed, the anti-vaxxer claimed they were “surrounded by Nazi German police and airport officials” who were “intimidating,” and called the Gestapo officers, the police brutal secret of Nazi Germany which had a major role in the Holocaust.

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Charisse Burchett and two other women are pictured without facial cover on the flight

The anti-lockdown protester has previously tweeted that “there is no killer virus” and she told Mirror Online that “this pandemic is a hoax”.

She declined to explain what makes her medically exempt from wearing a face mask, adding: “This is personal information that I don’t want to share with the nation. ”

Charisse has denied allegations that the women started “coughing like a joke” on the British Airways flight and behaved “like spoiled kids”.

She posted a selfie on Twitter after the women apparently won a “showdown” with police and staff at a Berlin airport.

She wrote: “We had a booth of 10 Brits without a mask at Berlin Airport.

Charisse told Mirror Online that “this pandemic is a hoax”

Legend of Charisse accompanying the selfie

“The police and the authorities couldn’t make us wear masks.

“Our last demonstration on German soil. I love this cheeky photo. ”

She later tweeted: “It was a dead end and I have a movie to prove it. The Nazi police and airport officials were incredibly intimidating.

“You have to think about where this is going and it’s not good. ”

A person claiming to be on the same flight alleges that the group of Brits started “coughing like a joke” after getting on the plane and behaved “like spoiled kids”, reports MailOnline.

The person, who was not named, added: “They have been universally condemned by all other passengers at the airport.

“German police and security have acted professionally at all times (at the airport) trying to find out why they would not be wearing their masks.

“The police only arrived when they were angry with airport staff who wanted their doctors to take note of the ‘medical exemption’ which is the rule in Germany. ”

British women were allowed to board the BA flight.

The airline requires all passengers to wear a mask unless they meet government exemption requirements.

Charisse’s tweets sparked backlash on Twitter

Charisse has faced criticism and abuse on social media

Responding to the latest claims, Charisse tweeted that the women “performed very well on our flight” and “we didn’t start to cough.”

In a Facebook post, she wrote: “I may have coughed at some point during the flight. Maybe I made a comment about having to be paranoid about coughing anywhere in these paranoid times. ”

She claimed that the group was stopped by police in the terminal and that the police “did not accept medical exemptions”, and that her friend was “searched for not wearing a mask”.

Charisse claimed that police surrounded the trio and other Britons who were not wearing masks in the departure lounge, and were “left alone” after a member of BA staff ” checked our exemptions and said everything was fine ”.

In a series of direct messages on Twitter, she told Mirror Online: “Since then I have received an incredible amount of hate and trolling.

“Which is unfair because we have had medical exemptions that have been authorized and approved by the airline.

“What was a simple image was used to intimidate me.

“I stand against this covid garbage and for the truth. ”

She said she traveled to Germany to see Dr Heiko Schoening, who was arrested during an anti-mask rally at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in central London “for telling the truth that this pandemic was a hoax ”.

A British Airways spokesperson said: ‘All British Airways customers and staff are required to wear a mask throughout their journey, unless they meet government exemption requirements, as reported on

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“It’s about ensuring the well-being of their traveling companions and airline staff. ”

The flight operating crew confirmed that a “small group” of customers were exempt from wearing masks on the flight and presented supporting documentation.

Charisse’s selfie and her first tweets about Berlin police and airport officials sparked a backlash from Twitter users, and she hit back at those who criticized and mistreated her.

Twitter user Julie Hendry wrote: “Masks do not protect the wearer – they protect those around them.

“How the hell can people still be so illiterate about how masks work? People like you bring down mask wearers because of your selfishness and ignorance. ”

Louise Westlake tweeted: “Medical exemption ma ***. And do all your friends have medical exemptions too?

“You are an embarrassment for the UK. Germany should forbid you to darken its doorstep again. Pathetic. ”

Charise, who took part in a recent anti-lockdown protest in central London, was supported by some Twitter users, including Cazi B, who wrote: “Well done. Well done. ”

The Briton told her Twitter followers that the women were in Germany to support the doctors “who denounce the lies being told to you”.

Posts on his Twitter page simulate mask wearers and express their opposition to vaccines.

On September 15, a response to a tweet from Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, “Can you terrorize the people. From UK now. We all have had enough.

“There are no killer viruses just a tyrannical government. We do not consent to this tyranny and this madness that you have imagined. “


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