British Hosting Organization is looking for families across France


As a host family, you can pass your own heritage and traditions on to curious and motivated children, selected to suit your family, giving them a taste of another culture and a different way of life. .You have the opportunity to work from home, teach English in France, with your own family, spend quality time with them and give your children the chance to make new friends as students are chosen to fit your family.

Even if you no longer have children at home, we would love to hear from you as well.

Teaching English with Daily English ensures you are never alone, with comprehensive advice, 24/7 support when needed, and part of the Daily English family network.
Participants work regularly in their mother tongue (during school holidays and according to their availability) and benefit from excellent rates of remuneration.

Daily English provides support and educational materials that you can use so that you can give your guests the best possible learning experience.

If you are interested in becoming a host family for Daily English, there are a number of criteria that must be met to be accepted.

You must provide a safe environment for children to live and learn with you, have a college degree in any field and / or a TEFL qualification (or be prepared to take an online TEFL course – Daily English can tell you about it) and be motivated. Each candidate will be carefully considered.

Sally concludes: “We are looking for host families all over France, this is our success. We are a government approved organization with all the necessary validation from the French authorities, we are also the only UK host organization with families in most parts of France, so we know how to take care of you.

If you match the profile, send an email to [email protected] explaining why you think you would make a good host family and giving some details about your home, family and place of residence. Sally will get in touch with you shortly to review your application and answer your questions. You will love the experience as current host families do!

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