Britain’s Got Talent rider leaves Ant and Dec horrified as he dies with death in semi-final


Rider Wesley Williams set Britain’s Got Talent hosts Ant and Dec back in horror as he died in his dangerous semi-final performance.After a daring audition, the Florida artist was back in action on Saturday night, vying for next week’s grand finale.

And the 21-year-old definitely raised the bar the second time around as he sat on top of a number of unicycles and jumped with a flaming rope, almost rocking at one point.

If that was perilous enough, he then crossed a fire bridge before crossing the stage up to 30 feet in the air, blindfolded, asking the shell-shocked BGT judges to direct him!

As David Walliams and Ashley Banjo could barely watch, the judges frantically shouted instructions to try and get him through safely without suffering what would have been an absolutely catastrophic fall.

But the best reactions came from Ant and Dec, both standing with their hands over their mouths in utter disbelief after Dec already backed down in horror during Wesley’s fire-leap stunt.

Wesley even panicked at one point, yelling “shoot!” As he pedaled blind but luckily and to the relief of everyone involved, he reached a rope ladder and got to safety before descending to the front of the stage to finish his number with style.

Giving his comments, David told Wesley, “You are a very mean boy and you must never do it again!” It’s exciting but you can’t wait for it to end!

“It would also be the end of our career… the man tumbles from a 30-foot unicycle! ”

Ashley added, “I really didn’t think you could do it because let’s face it… you almost fell off the kid so when that came out I was like ‘wait a minute… are you sure about that? ”


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