Britain’s Got Talent releases final voting numbers with unexpected results


Britain’s Got Talent released the voting numbers for last night’s final, as the audience vote winner, singer and pianist Jon Courtenay.He faced comedian and artist Steve Royle, the Sign Along With Us choir and comedian Nabil Abdulrashid.

And the numbers reveal Ant and Dec’s golden buzzer act Jon won by a landslide, with 35.7% of the audience’s vote.

He was the first golden buzzer to win the show, pocketing £ 250,000 and a seat on the Royal Variety Show.

Jon won with 35.7% of the audience’s vote

Sign Along With Us came in second with 15.33%, while Steve Royle took 14.1%.

Nabil Abdulrashid was just 13.9% after his controversial routine of poking fun at racists and complaints against the series in the wake of Diversity’s Black Lives Matter performance.

Viewers figures were also released, showing the final average at 5.8 million.

Sign Along With Us came in second with 15.33% of the vote

This is a slight increase from last year’s Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions final at the end of 2019.

But that’s a huge drop from the series’ main run which ran from April through June, with the final draw of 9.73 million viewers.

The winner has already sparked controversy as some angry viewers believe that Sign Along With Us, a choir that used sign language, was stolen.

Steve Royle came in third place

Nabil Abdulrashid garnered 13.9% of the audience’s votes

Among the sea of ​​complaints, we wrote: ” @signalongwithus Signing with us should be talented Britain won because they are amazing people doing sign language for people who can’t speak and can only use sign language to speak which is awesome so i think signing with us should be won.

Another raged: “I’m sorry but Jon Courtenay winning on Sign Along With Us is a tragedy. That money would have gone to all those BEAUTIFUL kids and done so much more than Jon who is for summer camps. I am actually really upset. about that… terrible #BGT.  »

Others felt that Nabil had been robbed, and he issued a statement to his supporters: “Thanks for all the supporting guys. I didn’t get the “W” today but don’t worry .. the marathon continues.

” I love you all #teamnabil#nabilarmy I came to make a point and I think I did, ”he added.

* Britain’s Got Talent: The Final is available on ITV Player


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