Britain’s Got Talent finalist Nabil Abdulrashid receives racist abuse, death threats after stand-up routine


England has an incredible talent Candidate Nabil Abdulrashid has revealed he has received death threats and abuse following his successful semi-final hearing.

Abdulrashid played the stand-up for the fifth semifinal of the popular reality TV contest, delivering a politically charged routine that made the judges laugh.

The comedian wrote on social networks: “It’s funny how I made fun of left-handers too but until now, it’s not them who wished me death or sent me abuse … hmmm who were still snowflakes? ”

He joked, “I promise not to make any racism or Islamophobia jokes in my finale if I don’t know of racism or Islamophobia by then.”

During his semi-final audition in the latest episode of the ITV reality TV contest, Abdulrashid touched on topics such as racism and police discrimination.

It started off with a riff about being mistaken for grime artist Big Narstie while in a local supermarket, which ended with the line, “Can I go now or am I?” still in detention?

“So people watching will think he’s one of those Black Lives Matter guys doing stops and research … no it’s a joke about being fat,” he said. declared.

“Big Narstie and I are both fat, it turns out we’re just black, so don’t throw away the race cards.” When do black men get each other wrong, especially not by the police, noooo.

Abdulrashid’s act was praised by the judges, who sent him in the next England has an incredible talent final.

“I think you are very courageous in bringing up the subject of racism,” said Judge Alesha Dixon, who gave her the Golden Buzzer. “It’s very emotional right now and we all need to learn to laugh a little more and have a sense of humor.”

Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday at 8 p.m. on ITV.


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