Breonna Taylor’s second grand juror criticizes proceedings


LOUISVILLE, KY. –A second person who served on Breonna Taylor’s grand jury criticizes the Kentucky attorney general for the way the proceedings were conducted. The anonymous statement released Thursday reiterated the complaint previously released by another grand juror that the panel was only able to consider endangerment charges against a police officer for shooting at Taylor’s neighbor’s apartment.

The first grand juror, who has also remained anonymous, won a court battle this week to address the public about the secret proceedings.

In Thursday’s statement, released by Louisville attorney Kevin Glogower, the second grand juror said he agreed “wholeheartedly with the statement released by the anonymous grand juror.”

The first grand juror said he wanted to examine other charges against the police, but was told “there wouldn’t be because prosecutors didn’t think they could hold them up.”

Jurors’ statements contradict Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s assertion that the grand jury “agreed” that the officers who shot Taylor were right to retaliate after being shot by Taylor’s boyfriend. The first grand juror said the panel “disagreed that certain actions were justified”.

Cameron announced on September 23 that none of the three officers who shot Taylor’s apartment had been charged by the grand jury with his death. The 12-member panel accused a policeman of gratuitous endangerment for shooting at a nearby apartment.

Taylor, a black emergency medical technician, was shot and killed several times on March 13 by officers serving a narcotics warrant. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, said he fired his gun when officers entered because he believed an intruder was breaking in. No drugs or cash were found at Taylor.


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