BREAKDOWN: Crowd of 4,000 gather in Toronto to protest lockdowns


For the fourth week, the “March for Freedom” – an offshoot of the previous “End the Lockdown” protests at Queen’s Park – took to the streets of downtown Toronto to call for an end to restrictions on COVID-19 across the country. At least 4,000 people participated in what was the largest of these events.

Premier Doug Ford’s new ‘revised’ Stage 2 rules last week came into effect for Toronto, Peel and Ottawa, requiring dining in restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and more. businesses that were recently allowed to reopen to close for “less” 28 more days. Outdoor gatherings were capped at 25 people. York Region has just been sent back to step 2 as well.

When asked if he thought it affected the protests, organizer Lamont Daigle said, “For 27 weeks Ford said he would fine us, and we shouldn’t. That’s well over 25 people. He never fined us, we were never arrested and they are just talking.

Daigle spoke about the high turnout despite the mainstream media constantly downplaying the numbers or completely ignoring events. “A lot of media agencies have said we have 100 to 300 people, but there’s no denying that we blocked Yonge Street because we had so many people here.

During the march, protesters often clashed with observers who were wearing masks, shouting “we’re doing this for you!” and urging them to stop being sheep. They told a man to “breathe some air” and “don’t listen to CBC!”

The event ended peacefully without any arrests.


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