Brawl with Ryanair: a fight breaks out on the Malaga-Manchester flight


Passengers scuffled aboard a Ryanair flight with “fists flying all over the place” in the plane’s cabin before it landed in Manchester.

Some passengers walked down the aisle to join the punch near the front of the plane after a woman stepped out of her seat to admonish a male passenger, while cabin crew from Ryanair was desperately trying to maintain order.

Police were later seen on board the plane and arrested a man after the plane landed in Manchester on Monday evening, after arriving from Malaga.

In-flight combat: Passengers scrambled aboard a Ryanair flight with “fists flying everywhere” in the aircraft cabin before it landed in Manchester

It is not known what sparked the scuffle, but footage taken by one of the passengers shows a woman walking towards a man sitting behind her and announcing that “I am going to run over you”.

A Ryanair flight attendant manages to guide her to another row of seats and tries to calm her down, which seems to work for a while.

But the next section of the footage shows the same woman at the center of a full-scale brawl, with at least two men marching forward to throw their hands up.

Others in the back of the plane could be heard calling out the names of certain passengers and telling them to “stop” and “get down here”.

The two men who ran ahead later returned to their seats as the fight broke down and stewards tried to restore order.

Passengers watch

People film the fight

Passengers watch and take pictures on their phones as scuffle breaks out in front of Ryanair plane

The Ryanair flight had departed from Malaga and was only about 20 minutes from landing when the brawl broke out.

Several passengers were filming the punch-up, one of whom said, “It was disgusting, really.

“We were about 20 minutes into the landing and I’m not sure what happened, but the woman in the black sweater started to pounce on this guy in a big way.

“It wasn’t a light slap or anything, it fit him for leather.”

“Suddenly three or four people ran to the front and got involved – there were only fists flying everywhere.

The woman continued to scold another passenger after the scuffle broke down and cabin crew attempted to restore order.

The woman continued to scold another passenger after the scuffle broke down and cabin crew attempted to restore order.

“Some of them were really big guys and the Ryanair staff eventually split them up, but at one point they had completely lost control of the situation.

“The staff made the woman sit behind us, so I asked her what had happened and she said that a man had threatened to kill her.

“The police got on board and no one was able to get off until they checked who was involved in the fight. So we showed an officer our video footage so they could see who he was. was acting.

“The police got everyone involved in the fight to stay on the plane and we heard an officer tell Ryanair staff that they might need to use tasers. “

Greater Manchester Police said a man was arrested after “police received a report of a disruption on a flight arriving in Manchester”. Investigations are ongoing.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “The crew of this flight from Malaga to Manchester requested police assistance on arrival after several passengers became disruptive shortly before arrival. It is now the business of the local police.


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