Braves vs Dodgers – Game Two, NLCS – Game Thread


Well, today has been a very busy day. Clayton Kershaw was scratched with back spasms, Adam Duvall’s injury made, in fact, end his season with the Braves, and we had all the usual post-season game day shenanigans on top of that. However, we’ve now reached that point of the day where we get to see some baseball as Ian Anderson takes on the LA Dodgers looking to extend the Braves’ lead in the series.


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There’s a lot to do with Cristian Pache getting his first playoffs of his young career as many of us wonder why Ender Inciarte continued to have playing time in the regular season, the loss of Adam Duvall and Clayton Kershaw is certainly not participating. Game Two and maybe launch later in the series or maybe not. Either way, it’s shaping up to be a pretty critical game for the Braves. Winning Game One turned this series into a draw according to punters and with a less than optimal situation for the Dodgers, a win tonight means the Braves are big favorites to win the series.

So join us in the comments as we follow NLCS Game 2 against the Dodgers. Be nice, behave, but have fun. There is a good chance there is an overflow thread, so keep an eye out for that as well.


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