Brad Pitt sued by woman who claims actor cheated her for money


Brad Pitt sued by woman who claims actor cheated her for money

Brad Pitt is being sued by a woman who claims he took up to $ 100,000 from her for events she organized for her charitable cause.

Kelli Christina alleged that the Ad Astra star then scammed her into paying a huge sum in a charity debacle.

She said she paid $ 40,000 to have Pitt make five appearances for her at events she hosted for her “Make It Right Foundation” charity.

To make matters worse, Christina further alleged that Pitt was so close to her that they even discussed marriage.

Pitt’s attorneys claim Christina was swindled by a cyber impostor who claimed to be the Oscar-winning actor, court documents reveal.

“Neither the Make It Right entities nor Mr. Pitt have entered into an agreement with the claimant,” the documents say.

“Rather, like [Christina] she herself acknowledged, it seems [Christina’s] communications about any deal were apparently with one or more people illegally posing online – but in no way affiliated with – defendants. ”

” By [Christina’s] her own confession, the communications she now claims to have had with Mr. Pitt. . . were in fact between the plaintiff and one or more persons posing as, in the words of the plaintiff, “bogus Brad Pitts” and not being in any way affiliated with the Make It Right Foundation.

A source familiar with the matter said, “This is a sad case of someone who fell victim to an Internet celebrity scam online that had nothing to do with actual celebrity. I hope others can learn from this unfortunate situation. “


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