Boris Johnson – Emmanuel Macron’s tensions rise as the EU puts pressure on France over fishing | Politics | News


Emmanuel Macron is under pressure to give way to the UK on fishing, in what would be a humiliating descent for the French president. Thomas Kielinger, former London correspondent for Die Welt in Germany, said Mr Macron had become “the elephant in the room”. It is understood that Mr Macron’s refusal to back down on his fishing demands is one of the biggest obstacles to a Brexit deal.

Mr. Kielinger explained: “The relationship is growing closer.“The fact that they are going to talk means there is hope in the air.

“When you look at the outstanding issues, it comes down to equal opportunities, state aid and fisheries.

“Fishing in terms of GDP is indeed a very small business for the economies of the EU and the UK. ”

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He continued: “But there is one exception – French President Emmanuel Macron.

“He’s the elephant in the room. He is considering his re-election in 2022.

“He doesn’t want to stand in front of his people and say that I sold the fishing rights of French fishermen, so there has to be a compromise.

“This is the key problem they need to solve. “

Backed by the backing of the German Chancellor, Mr Johnson is expected to demand that the increasingly isolated French President, Emmanuel Macron, give in to British fishing demands.

Britain came up with a new fishery proposal this week – a three-year transition period that ensures both sides can get used to the new quotas.

The future of UK fishing has been a hotly debated point of contention in the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU.

Paul Lines, chairman of the Lowestoft Fishing Alliance, told Un -locked this week that Brexit is an opportunity for fisheries to secure a £ 6.5bn hike after years of ‘disappearance’.


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