Boris Johnson cedes control of Crossrail to Sadiq Khan


Boris Johnson has ceded control of the delayed Crossrail project to Sadiq Khan as talks with Westminster begin over a major bailout of the capital’s indebted transport system finances.

Andy Byford, who as Transport for London’s commissioner reports to the Mayor of London, will be responsible for delivering the £ 19bn project.

The change removes the influence of the Ministry of Transport, which was jointly responsible with TfL for Crossrail.

Mr Byford, the former boss of New York’s transit system who took the helm earlier this year, told The Telegraph in August he wanted to tighten his grip on the biggest infrastructure project in New York. Europe.

Crossrail was beset by a series of delays and overruns. Originally supposed to cost £ 14.8 billion and be completed by the end of 2018, its opening has been delayed until 2022.

The delays cost TfL billions of pounds in additional construction costs and lost revenue.

This is one of the many major financial problems facing the transport authority.


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