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Before Next Borat movie even arriving on Amazon, it was in the headlines. The press who saw the film ahead of time for review saw a newsworthy story in one of the sequel’s most shocking moments: Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is the lawyer current Donald Trump, is duped by one of Borat’s installations, putting himself in quite the compromising and controversial position. Now Borat himself has responded to the headlines as only he can, but beware spoilers for one of the biggest gags of the sequel.

Borat responds to Borat 2 scene Rudy Giuliani

Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) directly addresses the scene starring Rudy Giuliani, calling it “a sexy and innocent encounter between a consenting man and my 15 year old daughter has been turned into something gross by fake media.” the Kazakhstan The journalist then makes an offensive gesture intended to equate the media with a certain sect of people against which Borat has always been prejudiced (Cohen himself is Jewish).

The scene in question did not involve Borat (at least not at first), but rather Maria Bakalova like his daughter Tutar. By the end of the film, after being given a makeover to try and make her look like a typical American blonde that would appeal to an older man, Tutar has become a right-wing conservative news expert like Tomi Lahren. She ends up scoring an interview with Rudy Giuliani in a last ditch effort to give herself to a rich and powerful man so that the leaders of Kazakhstan will not kill his father.

Once the flirtatious interview is over, Tutar takes Rudy Giuliani to a room adjacent to the hotel room where the interview took place. Once in the bedroom and having a drink with the former mayor, he asks her for her phone number and address, and she helps him take off his microphone by taking his shirt off his pants. Immediately after, Giuliani leans back in bed and runs his hands through his pants, apparently preparing to engage in some sexual act. He only stops when Borat arrives in lingerie and wig and offers himself to Giuliani instead. Confusion and hilarity ensue.

Giuliani has since gone on the defensive claiming he was just tucking in his shirt after removing the microphone. But considering the fact that he lies down on the bed to tuck his shirt in and keeps his hands in his pants for much longer than it would take to do so, it has become quite a controversy. Cohen has since addressed this claim himself in a Hello america interview, saying:

«JE Looks like if the president’s lawyer found what he did there to be appropriate behavior then heaven knows what he’s doing with other female journalists in hotel rooms.«

Sadly, it’s just another drop in the bucket of all the other controversies that Donald Trump’s pals have been involved in. Whether or not this will have an impact on the next presidential election remains to be seen. But whatever, it’s an overwhelming clip, and it would be nice if we could just get rid of Rudy Giuliani for the rest of our lives.

Next Borat movie is available to stream now on Amazon Prime.

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