Blake Jenner Confirms Melissa Benoist Domestic Abuse Allegations


Actor Blake Jenner has broken his silence over allegations of mental, emotional and physical abuse made against him by his ex-wife Super GirlIt’s Melissa Benoist. In November last year, Benoist posted a 14-minute Instagram video detailing her experience of domestic violence at the hands of a younger ex-partner, describing instances where she was “repeatedly cornered and slapped, punched so strong that I felt the wind go. out of me, dragged by my hair on the sidewalk, stubborn, pinched until my skin broke, pushed against the wall so hard the drywall shattered, suffocated, ”among others. Although she did not name her attacker in the video, fans were able to deduce from the video that the actress was referring to Jenner, whom she divorced in 2016.

Now, eleven months after Benoit’s viral Instagram video, Jenner has broken her silence over the allegations in her own long post. “Over the past eleven months, I’ve been thinking about how to deal with a personal situation made public at the end of 2019,” begins his 6-page Instagram post. He goes on to describe his side of events and admits that he engaged in mental, emotional and physical abuse in his past relationship with Benoist. “I take full responsibility and responsibility for the hurt I inflicted during my relationship with my former partner – emotionally, mentally and yes, physically. Rather than leave it at that, Jenner goes on to claim that Benoist assaulted her emotionally, mentally and physically during their relationship. “Without absolving me of any responsibility,” Jenner writes, “it’s important to understand that there has been mental, emotional and physical abuse on both sides.” Jenner set to star in Stephen Sondheim’s Richard Linklater film adaptation We ride happily alongside Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein. In September, Benoist gave birth to a baby boy with her husband Chris Wood. You can read Jenner’s full statement below.


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