Billionaire Bill Gross accused of playing Gilligan’s Island theme song on repeat to annoy his billionaire neighbor


Just sit down and you’ll hear a story
From a little neighbor’s quarrel
About a rich folk art work
And a theme song played on repeat.Gross was a Wall Street billionaire,
Towfiq enriched with technology.
The beautiful ocean view from Gross blocked Towfiq
With a sculpture near his bridge, a sculpture near his bridge.

The tensions started to get tough,
Lawyers have been mistreated,
Empowered men who had to win
Or the egos would be bruised, their egos would be bruised.

Towfiq said Gross played songs all night long on a blaring stereo
with “Gilligan” on loop, too.
The billionaire loves his life.
He does not care,
He has the dough and the nerve
torment with “Gilligan’s Isle”.

Story on CNN


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