Billionaire Bill Gross accused of broadcasting “Gilligan’s Island” theme song on repeat at his neighbor’s house


Gross, the co-founder of investment firm PIMCO, and his partner Amy Schwartz set up a large one. lighted glass art installation on their Laguna Beach property along the property line shared with their neighbors, Mark Towfiq, CEO of data center development company Nextfort Ventures, and his wife Carol Nakahara, according to a lawsuit brought by Towfiq and Nakahara. Gross and Schwartz then installed taller poles and a protective netting over the installation, and Towfiq and his wife claim the art installation partially blocked their views of the ocean.

After several months of unsuccessful attempts to discuss the matter with Gross, according to Towfiq and Nakahara, they filed a complaint with the city of Laguna Beach in June. The complaint sparked a city investigation which determined that the installation, net and lights violated city code and did not have the proper permits, according to the lawsuit.

Not long after, Towfiq and Nakahara claim that Gross began to take revenge on them by harassing and disturbing them with “loud music and bizarre audio recordings at excessive levels” at various times of the day and night. night – including pop or rap music, and often a series of TV themed songs, depending on the lawsuit, including the “Gilligan’s Island” theme on repeat.

Gross and Schwartz sued Towfiq first – October 13. Towfiq and Nakahara filed their own complaint the next day, October 14.

Gross has accused Towfiq of “taking a look” at him and Schwartz, and Gross’s lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order, court documents show. The Towfiq and Nakahara lawsuit alleges that Gross and Schwartz carried out a “targeted campaign of harassment and abuse” which followed a dispute over an art sculpture installation on Gross’ property.”Mr. Towfiq has harassed and invaded the privacy of Mr. Gross and his partner Amy Schwartz,” Jill Basinger, the lawyer representing Gross, said in a statement to CNN Business. “We reluctantly filed a complaint against the accused for his disagreeable behavior, which dates back many years within this community and with other neighbors. ”

Basinger called Towfiq “harassment” and “vindictive”, and said he was “the aggressor against Mr. Gross and Ms. Schwartz”.

But Towfiq and Nakahara’s lawyer said the opposite.

“Mr. Gross is an empowered billionaire who is used to making do by intimidating colleagues, family and neighbors,” Jennifer Keller, the lawyer who represents Towfiq, said in a statement to CNN Business. “Gross filed his own complaint simply as a preemptive strike after learning that my clients intended to seek redress in court. ”

The couple alleged that Gross and Schwartz’s actions were attempts to get them to drop their complaint with the city. In one incident, when Towfiq “respectfully requested” that the music be refused, Gross replied: “Peace on all fronts or else [sic] just have big boy nightly concerts, ”Towfiq’s complaint alleges.

Towfiq’s complaint says the alleged abuse was so painful that they forced Towfiq and Nakahara to leave their homes and stay elsewhere. The two received a temporary restraining order on October 19.

Gross and Schwartz have lived at their Laguna Beach property since 2018 and typically stay at home on weekends, according to the Towfiq lawsuit. Towfiq and his wife have lived with them since 2009.

A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 2, representatives for Gross and Towfiq said. The hearing is to determine whether civil harassment restraining orders will be issued.

Gross was granted an extension until November 16 to secure the proper permits. He is “in the process of obtaining his authorization,” according to Gross’s lawyers.

In 2014, Gross said he was fired from PIMCO, the company he co-founded in 1971. He filed a lawsuit against the company in 2015 for his wrongful eviction, in which the two sides reached a settlement. $ 81 million in 2017.

Gross has an estimated net worth of $ 1.5 billion, according to Forbes.


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