Bill Burr’s “homophobic” “SNL” Rant About Pride Month Bombs: “The Worst Monologue” In Years


“It was the worst SNL monologue I’ve seen in years.”“@Nbcsnl, please don’t ever leave this person hosted again. »

“Bill Burr can fuck himself. #SNL “

“I can’t believe I’m able to tweet after gouging my eyes out. “

It’s probably interesting that these are the immediate reactions of gay men on social media after the comedian and Roi de Staten Island star Bill Burr’s Saturday Night Live monologue, which went after the culture was canceled, the hypocrisy of white women waking up, and then a bit prolonged about not knowing what New York Gay Pride month was like.

The magnitude of the problem is that he was shocked to learn that the month existed, and that it lasted all of June, when other more aggrieved minorities were not entitled to as many days of respect.

“Tank tops! Zero percent body fat! Two guys kiss! I did not know that! That’s what Burr said when talking about his last trip to New York and being shocked at how many people were in attendance. Apparently he was there during the pride parade that year. “This is what I learned, June is Gay Pride Month. It’s a bit long, don’t you think? For a group of people who have never been enslaved?

There’s a core of clever joke about the performance gaps Burr makes … that Burr, a straight white man in his fifties, afterwards makes fun of white women and decries to cancel the crop in the first 60 seconds of his time. SNL start.

“How did they have the whole month of June?” he continued on the gay men he was so shocked to see celebrating. “Blacks were in fact enslaved. They get February! They have 28 days of cloudy weather. The sun sets at four in the afternoon. Everyone shivers. No one wants to participate in the parade.

There is a very warm, nervous laugh at this point in the audience.

“How about connecting them with July?” They are equators. Give them the sun for 31 days. These black homosexuals, they can celebrate … 61 days of celebration.

I understand the joke. This moment can seem like the Olympics of oppression and it can confuse people who are not used to the demand for recognition from minority and ostracized groups. From this perspective, there is something to be said about the discrepancies between Pride Month and Black History Month. Perhaps this is a dangerous joke. Perhaps this is a salient point. This may not be the time.

This is the first episode of SNL, an influential cultural institution that, given the intensity of this political moment, has more eyeballs on it than in years, to air in the week since it became clear that LGBT + rights are online with a reality more serious than they have been. years with the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

As Vulture reviewer Jen Chaney tweeted after the monologue, “There is no real time for this Bill Burr monologue, but I’m going to tell you what, now it’s NOT THAT.” ”

Another Twitter user, @dilfoyles, wrote, “Bill Burr does comedy for annoying white boys who think they’re making clever comments about the world when they’re just homophobic.” (Search for “Bill Burr” and “homophobic” on social media to see how many examples this characterization of the material has been cited.)

Civil rights are in jeopardy, and with no ankles (as Burr said, Pride Month was in June … and the parade was canceled this year because of COVID), he’s laughing at the celebration? Argue – but again, with a sharp point on inequity in cultural celebration – for a minimization of this annual validation?

Considering the monologue started with a whimper-worthy invocation to the cancellation culture, it’s likely that kind of a furious response, which quickly left the keyboard, either what Burr was courting or questioning. But that doesn’t change the fact that the dot has bombarded more in real time than I’ve seen in years of watching SNL and follow his reaction online. And that doesn’t change the fact that a contingent of Americans whose rights are vulnerable are appalled.


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