Bill Burr claims culture cancellation in SNL opening monologue


Actor Bill Burr mocked “cancellation culture,” white women and gay pride in Saturday Night Live’s opening monologue.

“They try to cancel John Wayne, ”Burr said. ” They are all in arms they are like did you hear what he said in this interview in Playboy in 1970? »

« He was born in 1907. This is what these people sounded as you never spoke to your grandparents and raised the wrong topic? All of a sudden they left rails? Like oh, god keep making the cookies, ”Burr joked.

He then moved on to how he thinks white women have co-opted the social justice movement in recent years.

“It should have been about people of color,” Burr said. “One way or another, the white women threw their Gucci feet over the fence of oppression and got stuck at the front of the line.

Burr then asked why Gay Pride receives an entire month of recognition, which implies black people deserve more than 30 days of celebration.

« June is gay pride month. It’s a bit long, isn’t it thought? For a group of people who were never enslaved, ”said Burr met with mixed reactions from the public.

“These are the equators that give them the sun for 31 days. There are homosexual blacks, they could party from June 1 to June 31, give them 61 days to celebrate, ”he added.

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