Big Ten Football Bowl Projections, College Football Playoff Pick


The Big Ten has a rich history rich in historic bowl games, and expectations are set for that to continue in 2020, at least that’s what we think. Here at Buckeyes Wire, we are keeping tradition and giving you a taste of where we think all the teams in the conference will end up when all the dust settles on the season.We re-evaluate games and projects after every week based on what we’ve seen. Our first edition takes a look at where things are heading in this pandemic shortened 2020 season, but it’s sure to change drastically as the schedule moves through the eight-week regular season.

Keep in mind that some bowls don’t plan to have a game this year, so this cuts things off a little bit for lower end, less lucrative bowl games.

Also, keep in mind that these scenarios are very complicated with the projection when there are not enough teams of certain conferences with links, and the agreements with the bowls not to repeat the same program on a certain period of time if possible.

Here’s a look at the screenings before all the fun begins this weekend.

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